Right shoring

At SpiderLogic, we take a unique approach to ensuring the highest quality at the lowest possible cost – we call it Right Shoring.

Most people are familiar with off-shoring, which promises low cost, but can be associated with high effort for management and communication.

Some organizations opt for the convenience of on-shoring, which comes at a high cost premium.

Our approach to delivery combines the best of both worlds, with communications in the same time zone along with the benefits of face to face meetings (when needed) – augmented with great talent (everywhere).

This gives us the cost benefit of off-shoring without the inefficiencies that can be associated with global delivery.

How is this possible?

1. We leverage varying cost structures in a peer model (peer architect at local and remote sites), maintaining a culture of excellence that produces high quality work

2. We invest in communications and collaboration and employ consistent processes in our distributed Agile methodology.

3. We don’t just throw your project across the ocean. We are a distributed team of top talent.

4. We don’t just overload projects with junior resources who do not have the technical know-how, experience, and leadership to deliver. Therefore we don’t require heavy and administrative-intensive structures to help people provide value.